« Circle of life » | Izzy Izvne

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"Circle of life" | Izzy Izvne

Creation: 06/16/2022


Description :

« Cicle of life » de Izzy Ivne

Hôtel Villancourt – 98 Cour Saint-André, Le Pont-de-Claix

Texte de l’artiste :

« My wall for Grenoble Street Art Fest- “Circle of life”.
Connection between our inside and outside World. I deeply believe that when our body dies, our
internal energy becomes part of the universe and continues to live there until it is born into a new
The left part of the mural represents our body from the inside, down to the smallest cells of our
body. And the right one- different dimensions of our vast universe. With atoms growing into
planets and travelling from one small life to the multiverse.
Maybe that’s my first wall whom I wanted to give a name and show a little wider story of
dimensions, where I’m “flying” all the time.
Thanks for such a cool project where I had enough space for all my thoughts. This wall means a lot for me. » 

Events :

TerminéStreet Art Fest Grenoble - Alpes 202227/05/2022 - 26/06/2022

Expos :

TerminéAncien Musée de Peinture 2022Ancien Musée de Peinture - 9 Place de Verdun, 38000 Grenoble Du mercredi au dimanche de 13h à 19h  03/06/2022 - 26/06/2022