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"Childhood" | WD (Wild Drawing)

Creation: 06/21/2022


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Childhood de WD (Wild Drawing)

Adresse : MCPA – 2 Av. du Granier, 38240 Meylan

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My latest mural for @grenoblestreetartfest 2022
Our childhood experiences affect our behaviour and personality into adulthood, even if we were not aware of the existence of this connection.
When we consider how childhood experiences affects adulthood, let’s look at the example of the insecure child with overprotective parents: they might develop a fear of strangers and therefore prefer to stay in doors with parents rather than meeting with friends. When this person grows up, the culture and environment they are in may force them to deal with strangers and stay away from parents, therefore the fears will take on another form.
Adulthood can be seen as an extension of your childhood experience. A person will try to fulfil their childhood desires when they become an adult in a way that is acceptable by society and culture.
Different experiences in childhood will affect the adult you become.


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Events :

TerminéStreet Art Fest Grenoble - Alpes 202227/05/2022 - 26/06/2022
TerminéStreet Art Fest Grenoble - Alpes 202227/05/2022 - 26/06/2022