The Hero is You | Lapiz

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The Hero is You | Lapiz

Creation: 06/27/2018


Description :

The mural shows a large figure wearing a golden mask depicting the face of Edward Snowden. To the right is a quote by ES: “The hero is you”.

In the general public, Edward Snowden, the NSA-whistle blower, is highly regarded as he revealed to what extend we are spied upon, how our every move, email and action is recorded – even including foreign heads of state. However, in his own words, he is not a hero, instead he acted because of his moral believes and insists that everyone can be a “hero” and do the right thing. For the government, however, he is a traitor, that should be jailed for life.

Events :

TerminéGrenoble Street Art Fest 201801/06/2018 - 01/07/2018

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